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Rough notes of the process – day 1

Observations of the playing/setting by Kirsty Stansfield

Day 1 workshop 2 @ Les Brigittines

Dance / movement
Speech / narrative

Exercises series 1:
Points of illustration, a relief at times.
Change of roles:
when dancer speaks
a musician becomes part of the score,, by lying down on ready-made drawing within score.

Zone maps, provide a structure, but could that structure be anything, at moment no specific,
Performers, introduce spoken instruction.
Pair of boots, disembodied, avatar, marionette
Lost within the score

[by giving it more content]

[if someone on image and you want to change image, tension, relation]

too many people

smaller zones, less opportunity

ppl like islands, relations not strengthened.
Be more aware of different score,
Relation between people,

Always looking to screen
The screen it also a player

Question of decision
Follow the image or not
Choose to stay with person interacting with and continue dialogue. Even if changing
Or change something.

1 score on screen,
own decisions
other people’s decisions.

Once decision is taken, there is tendency to cut

As spectator, takes time
If change all the time,]]rhythm important, maybe another score.

Rhythm, changing titles, eg some actors stay in different channels.
Analogy of surfing tv channels.

Playing vs programming the machine
When setting up software, different part of brain operating, and difficult to go into improvisation. different type of concentrating.

Setting stage
Proposition, 1 image map possibility to change 3 images, and this
Physical space or marker to indicate change, eg move like a machine on one point, and another to nove more fluid.

The images are the topic.
Nervous system is too complex a topic.

Playing rules Exercices series 2

Team 1 start playing on beach, when changes to nervous system, team 2 come in. transition is important.
Guitar changes zone map.

narrative, two girls sunbathing on a beach.
Voice, leads into map change, “ice-creams, icecreams”
Rough, Lila, on periphery of scene, – interesting element
Mobile phone going off, with classical tune. Accidental.
Change to nervous system image, more abstract. Leading into more spatial / movement orientated sequence with 3 figure, inc rough lila.

Music reinforces change,
Narrative lends pacing, can slow things down in a good way.
Interesting, musicians, and Simon, extends frame.

Kinetic elements, eg plastic tube, to trigger zone if it hits the active spot.
Objects, plastic tube, trigger sound changes.
Plastic tube, dropped = good resonant base.

Atmosphere / aesthetic change

List of things that worked
good continuity,
good to continue, a question of decision, a listening thing!
Clear change, or signal from elsewhere to signal change.
Rebecca asked if we could see her tilt her head and open mouth (on the screen).
link between image of the beach, and action, eg can you pass me the suncream, you don’t need to play situation because it is already there, but then nice sentence, ‘can you please pass me the suncream’, which may offer something a line for later.
A connection between action of tube being helded to stomach, picked up by saxophone.
Sounds can define a movement.
Nice to have tube or rope, as sound
Only voice in background, off stage,

You see other things because of the sound, like a outside commentary.

Better on improvisation rather than looking at screen., but also a process of getting used to the score, and more conscious of the space.

1 st was concentrated in scenario, but 2nd time better concentrated on space, include spectators off stage.

Don’t work

Have to walk around the zone in order not to trigger it and go to another world, eg to pass suncream, doesn’t work!
But can trigger zone and the change to next map.

An overwrite of the scene or the scene must change, Or jump in time or memory frames?

Plan for tomorrow:
Laia has prepared a set of images.
See everyone’s images, see if connections.
Matias has game of numbers, it doesn’t provide content, only rules.
Choice to go into our out of story.
The question of roles, not fixed, but possible to develop this.
Choice to stay or go if your role has changed – a glitch within the system.

The glitch outside of the system.

Decision, to make scene change. Action of changing settings becomes part of the set.

Try having some rehearsed scenes. Or improvisations. Or thinking about what will happen, and have separate map. Nice to have repetition. Guitar could announce this.

When synchronisticity of sound and image/movement works well.

Am : make script
Pm: play the script and make changes.

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