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Score 14: emergency

– 1 camera
– 1 beamer
– lights
– 7 players
– 1 or more white hats with black number on top
– costumes with white rectangular zones

Time: for as long as the computer is out (stolen, crashed, bugged, or just switched off on purpose)

All players are functions of the software, apart of the one who is wearing the hat. 6 players work together in order to give instructions to the player who is wearing the hat. The hat-player(s) executes the instructions.
Instructions can be:
– show/hide img (fixed image) or vid (video = moving image + sound)
– play/stop snd (can be any sound)

1. if you are a function of the software, link yourself physically to the players you’re communicating with (by using ropes, tape…)
2. negociate a way to play when all technology falls out (flashlights might help)

Object Score Notation:


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