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Voice workshop with Susan Worsfold using the Nadine Georges Technique

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Posted by ana on August 21, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Kirsty invited Susan Worsfold for 1 day to introduce An to the Nadine George Technique and to lend her knowledge to the work we had realised until then. Thank you Susan!

Susan is a great voice teacher. She is trained as an actress & theatre director in Conservatory of Glasgow, where she met Nadine George at the age of 18 and never left her. In her voice trainings she develops the idea of inhabiting the body, the conversation and the action through breathing. This technique gives the extra connectedness & intuition to a ‘performance’.

Basic warm-up:
– connect to the breath and self through breathing in & out the pelvis
– stand up and breathe deeply in & out while moving your head from left to right and back, watching intensely everything and everyone that your eyes see
– find an object in space, breathe in & out & when ready give voice to the object (words, sound/tone, emotion… phrase, memory)
– set restraints for improvisations:
*take an object & change its position
*vocalise the character of the object: what does it look like, what does it see, thinks, hears, smells… (through association or dissociation)
*1 person moves the object, other person vocalises the movement
*choose 1 parameter & let it resonate in the space
-> whenever stuck, come to the floor, find back your breath

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