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Adding quality to mouvement

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Posted by ana on August 19, 2010 at 3:32 pm

Inspired by John Smith’s The Girl Chewing gum (1976) Dorothé and An improvised the following way:

* Accumulation

– chose a movement from the film
– accumule the 1st movement with another movement of the film

* Rearrangement

rearrange the movements so the accumulation becomes a series of natural gestures

* Execution/Interpretation

– A executes, B describes

– A executes with another quality, B describes

– B executes 2x with different quality, A describes

* Interpretation/Execution

– B reads a 1st description of A, A executes

– A reads a 2st description of B, B executes

* Execution/Interpretation

– A repeats the last series of mouvement using the following qualities; B describes these using the following qualities:

* emotional

* abstract

* actions

* places

* rhythm

* geometrical

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