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Objects as agents – the sources

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Posted by ana on August 19, 2011 at 5:58 pm

The software objscrs does not make any difference between a human and an objects entering or being in the space.
This gives any object a potential agency.

Therefore we had with us a.o. following books:
– John Law/John Hassard, Actor Network Theory and after, Blackwell Publishing, 2006, Oxford
РLatour, Irr̩ductions

As the English translation of Latour was consultable in the Glasgow Library we visited one of the reading rooms and read while having lunch on the ‘force’ of objects and words.

While reading Irréductions, the riots were happening in London, Manchester and Liverpool. In Glasgow they had arrested the one person who started a page on Facebook to call for a gathering. Nothing more happened.
I posted the following as a status update:
Latour in Glasgow, surrounded by riot analyses: ‘Devant l’empire des puissants, toutes les forces qui restent, innombrables, irréductibles, n’ont plus d’autres choix que de se taire ou de rêver. On n’a plus alors que des ‘choses-en-soi’, pour les actants réduits au silence, ou des ‘vies intérieures’, pour les acteurs qui parlent mais se croient impuissants. … [et ceci] juste au moment où les princes impuissants s’allient avec d’autres, aussi faibles qu’eux, afin de devenir forts.’
The reaction was immediate.

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