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Workshop After Motion Tracking Trace

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Posted by ana on August 18, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Dorothé, Lot and Matthias organised a 2nd workshop during the residency at Marginalia, followed by a public presentation in Espanca!


They spend one day to adapt settings to space Espaca, frustration but good introduction for performers to sense the materiality of the software. They used a distance of 6m & filmed the patio as simulation:
filming the post office -> adapting tracking to light, distance, continuous/reference tracking
1. passengers: see of there is tracking or not
2. fix for stable tracking: try every combination possible


communication between performers (circus, dance) , musician, visual artist, software
– day 1: explain software, general possibilities (camera/zones/patches possibilities/graphical tracking mode), showed some scores, try & play to understand better – discover their interests / some people were expecting something else (possibility to work with PD)
– day 2: prepared scores based on their desires
BUG: problem with OSC
Thembi: play with reality/surreality (grab/anim), speed
– day 3: build up representation with Thembi & visual artist, without triggering
– day 4: organising material of workshop + material of residency in exhibition


– (no real beginning): put objects on stage, plugging in the electricity was beginning of performance, allowed also to ‘visualize’ zones, because sounds played when going through the zones
– grab of installing the objects & Thembi walking in between the objects
– performers play inside the animation with guitar on/off/
– gradually to black screen, by taking off gradually the transparency until you only saw the contour, dancers play with objects & pitch of guitarist & manipulate his pedals
– performers gave objects ot audience & they came on stage & started to play

exhibition: during presentation we built up exhibition
– 1 tv with noise
– 1 computer with old version of bugging objscrs, flickering
– html story of An
– interview Marginalia
– computer with screenshots of evolution (did not show it, too much)

audience participation worked extremely well!
borders of presentation were flue: preparing the exhibition, not really clear when it had started, not clear that it had ended
handing over of the objects
playing with big screen & surveillance camera
computers weren’t used during the presentation – one woman asked if she could listening to headphones/computer
after a while image was put back again


! Turn process of the residency into the performance as an exhibition:
play open game solves the problem we have looked upon during a year, put process in the center
-> allows to reach the collaborators we are looking for , people understand nature of the work
-> formula leaves traces, people can do something with the traces, f.ex. Thembi continues working vs making a presentation

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