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Residency in CCA Glasgow – set-up

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Posted by ana on August 18, 2011 at 5:14 pm

The set-up in CCA influenced a lot the decisions we took to work.

The lab in CCA has following features:

– ceiling 3,5m
– bright shiny floor
– not possible to darken much

In order to avoid the shiny floor and to go with the 3,5m height, we decided to work with a table top composition, using the camera on the full zoom option. As the full zoom still included part of the floor, we covered the floor with a black dusty cloth. When we started thinking about opening up the space we wanted to look for a more aestetic solution we remembered Lot’s desire to be able to use only parts of the space as surveilled zones. This inspired Simon to create the vidmask-object allowing to blacken out parts of the image.

All the set-up needs is a stable light, which is not really the case with Glasgow weather. As we could not darken the space entirely, this was a problem.
We looked at filters and the use of infrared light. Kirsty phoned all lamp shops of Glasgow but infrared lights are out. One person gave us the luminous idea to contact the Reptile shop. We took the metro and went to the other part of town:

Everything worked well after these first days of stubborn technical try-outs. Kirsty unpacked the found objects she had collected during years in her studio.

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