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@ circus Suspensa

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Posted by ana on July 1, 2011 at 6:43 pm

With the help of Marginalia+Lab Dorothe visited a lot of different work spaces in Belo Horizonte; one was not high enough, another was only available 2 x 3hs/week. In the end she chose the theatre in construction of the circus company Suspensa. They are situated in a charming ‘red’ village at 30 minutes by car from the city.

They have been building the space for three years and have still a long way to go. The place is beautiful. Their energy as well. An improvisation followed the warming up session.

Thier work is similar to ours, in the sense that they take the center point at exactly the same position as our camera.

Unfortunately our camera did not like the electricity network overthere.

So after three days we decided to move back to Marginalia until some solution would pop up.

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