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Motion Tracking Traces – Workshop- 16,17,18/06

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Posted by dorothe on June 15, 2011 at 2:44 pm

Motion tracking is based on the analysis of differences between images in a video input. We’ll propose an exploration of how these differences are built in OBJSCRS, then trace new paths from the video input to the actual motion tracker.

Often kept as an internal object in motion tracking applications, the resulting data structure of the tracking process will constitute the subject of the second part of the workshop. We’ll build visualizations out of this data structure, whether on screen or in any other possible form.

At this point, we’ll play with the specific way the program deals with event triggering by means of scores. OBJSCRS offers a large variety of possible responses to motion tracking, using it to trigger different features, from video overlay to arithmetic operations. We’ll dedicate this last part of the workshop at writing new scores, and possibly new objects, which will be played by the program in interaction with attendees.

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