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Loco Aid Peeks?

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Posted by ana on February 5, 2011 at 5:30 pm

A lot of stages lead to different experiments in trying to ‘translate’ the manual.
The idea is to give a short presentation (10 min) and give the audience the possibility to explore the space. We decided it will be more a ‘peeking’ into the possibilities of this universe, rather than trying to explain every single detail.
First thing we did was building our small catalogue with basic options.

– on/off buttons by positioning a body
– precise locations/sizes of img/txt/vid
– move an image/txt around
– ffwd or slowing down a video/sound or changing volume by speeding up your steps (with an outside play button :-))
– extending an image/txt by enlarging your body_area
– raising volume through body mass
– sending to & receiving numbers from PD

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